oh no.

i need, i feel, to write something tonight, partly to keep posting on a regular basis and partly because, having spent most of the day in a seminar about prayer in churches, i probably should speak to what i have learned more about prayer.

i’m not sure, however, what i have learned about prayer, which of course is exactly what i feel about communication, which i should have learned something about in three degrees worth of study and yet, on any given day, i am reminded by situations that i know little.

or perhaps more accurately for both prayer and communication, i should say that i have not learned enough to let me feel as though i have any mastery of either.

and that is a frustrating feeling when i am talking with my wife who or whom i have known for more than a quarter of a century and still cannot figure out how to say what i feel or feel what i say or find enough time to begin talking about things that really matter.

although, it is true that when i don’t spend huge amounts of time trying to figure out how to communicate and i just live and walk and talk and kiss and smile and help and….well, then i do have the sense that we actually do understand each other and that she does have clue about how i feel.

and maybe that is also true about God?

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