Malachi: someone else’s words.

I was mildly annoyed last night since I had said a week ago that I would be commenting on the study I’m doing on the book of Malachi. I had done nothing. So I kind of decided that it was one more thing that I thought was a good idea but couldn’t quite follow up with. (I know, preposition. Deal with it.)

But then I read this, a response to today’s lesson, a comment which is far from summary, more a improvisation on the same theme, a picking up of the same melody line I was chasing and drawing out a marvelous line. And, it’s far better than I could post in my current state.

And so, my original, unstated, dream came true: that by talking about this book of Malachi while teaching, we could have conversation in this way as well.

So read this by Laurie.

And thanks.

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