I’ve never watched “24.” I know that it is full of adventure and excitement and uncertainty.

I just finished living 24 with 7 other guys from church, a group collectively known as “The Elders.” There was adventure and excitement and uncertainty, although if you were watching through a window what you would have seen is a group of guys sitting around talking, standing, wandering around the room, looking like they were sleeping (because of the closed eyes), and then, for awhile, wandering around the campground. Oh yes, you would have seen them eating.

Not all action, however, takes places in thrilling chase sequences. Sometimes it comes from chasing around spiritual ideas, trying to understand how best to lead sheep. Not all uncertainty comes from cliffhangers. Sometimes it comes from not know who the next leader is going to be and having to say, with all confidence and not a trace of wishful speculation:”God will tell us.” And sometimes the greatest adventure is looking around at the rest of the team and deciding that although we don’t know what will happen next, we can’t imagine wanting to do it with anyone else but these guys.

We aren’t all that attractive; no one would hire us to be even extras on a TV show. However, we have been chosen and we love what we do.

Thanks, guys, for a great 24 hours.

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