Ancient history

I am technological ancient history.

I was in grad school when the original Mac was announced. My first real job was working on an IBM mainframe. I remember when IBM guys, and they all were guys, wore white shirts, even on the weekends, even on emergency calls. I remember when editing video meant it was balck and white reels. I remember when editing audio meant a razor blade. I remember when being really creative with multimedia meant that we used a reel-to-reel tape recorder to record a soundtrack to go with the slides on a single slide projector and the title slides were made by taking pictures of rub-on letters. I remember when flicker described the image of Super8 projectors rather than how I share my images.

Those weren’t the good old days. I love what I can do now and I’m not even a professional in new media.


I could think slightly more clearly then because had billions fewer messages per day crowding in. I could think more simply because I wasn’t getting message from wherever in the middle of the night.


I may be just getting old. And I wouldn’t have talked with New Zealand tonight.

And so, it’s okay being a dinosaur. Most of the time.

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One response to “Ancient history

  1. Thanks for the reflections, and for the chat. It was a treat … I learnt a bit more about Jon.