just wondering

I am incapable of profundity tonight. As a result, I only have questions.

1. If everyone has resolved to lose weight this year, where is it all going to be found?

2. If everyone is saving time by being more productive, what bank is that time going to be put in? How much interest is it going to earn?

3. If everyone’s resolutions get broken, does it take a carpenter, a plumber, a counselor or a potter to repair them?

4. I heard today that this is the DIY year. That’s why people are so involved with creating their own media. Why can’t I remember who said it?

5. When people resolve to have more fun, don’t they break the resolution by being serious about it?

Tune in tomorrow when there will be something really worth thinking about.

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2 responses to “just wondering

  1. Re saving time/weight: that reminds me of the Scripture where it says every one of our tears are saved.

    Re Malachi: We’re dealing with some of that painful holy pruning right now. Our mission, Initiative360 (formerly Caleb Project) is going through a LOT of turmoil. It’s pain we had nothing to do with creating, but we feel all the ramifications.

  2. When I first heard of the joining of the two organizations, I wondered what the future implications of the original joyful announcement would be, but having been through two such mergers, I knew that it would be far more complicated–and painful–than expressed. I will lift you up.