Cooperating goals


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Last week I set some purposes for the year: helping people have more fun, connecting people to each other and God, purposefully resting, walking with Nancy. Great ideas.

The challenge, of course, is in living them out. I wonder, however, how often I have constructed purposes or goals or whatever you want to call them that can work together.

Last night, for example, we had a couple of friends over for supper. Nancy baked a wonderful apple pie (made it as well). That helped with the first goal. Because of the pie and the rest of the wonderful meal, walking together was even more important than ever.

And we did have a great conversation, and, well, I don’t know about the resting part.

The point is, I finish the week with a bit of a sense of accomplishment. We have walked five of the last seven days. We have talked with people. We have had fun as a family. The same activity can accomplish several of my purposes.

I’m thinking that there may be hope for this year.

I purposely didn’t set weight goals or days goals or number goals. I can fail too quickly and then give up. Instead, these are infrastructure purposes, building into my thinking an intentionality.

Other people need numbers or targets. I fight them. So for me, this is my model for this part of the year. We’ll see what happens. So far I like it.


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