Community, MP3 style

I spent the day painting again, and listening. Our son’s girlfriend, Allie, attends the Church of Wrigleyville (no, it’s not at Wrigley Field). They have their messages up as podcasts and so I was listening to some of the services she’s listened to. One was on community.

Among other things Dave talked about us having these desires about community: knowing and being known, loving and being loved, serving and being served and celebrating and being celebrated. He talked about how we often, in churches anyway, focus on the latter in each pair and then end up being upset that we aren’t being taken care of in the church.

Of course, to be painting alone and thinking about community had an irony, but Dave’s thinking was helpful to me as I’m increasingly interested in community. We forget that we are the church, those of us who attend any particular branch, and we forget that if we expect to be consumers and not participants, there won’t be anyone to do the first part. Or, the typical 20% of people doing 80% of the work (or worse) will happen.

The funny thing is that as people serve, community forms. As people know others, community forms. As people love, they are loved and they do belong.

More later on most of these stations.

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  1. I love the quote from Brennan Manning on the church website.