Ruined already


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After reading everyone’s goals for the new year, I feel behind already.

I created this image tinight to support the sermon tomorrow morning. Steve is preaching about acknowledging our neediness, and a spilled cup seemed to make sense. That what is spilled is coffee, and what it is spilled on is the new year seemed to make even more sense, at least for me.

I am not a goal setter by nature since I AM by nature a helper. However, I do have some purposes for this year.

I want to help people have more fun.
I want to do more to help people be purposefully connected to each other and to God.
I want to do more to do less, at least for one day in seven.
I want to walk regularly with my wife.

That’s already plenty of opportunity to fail, but you know, it’s worth trying.

I’d come up with some more, but right now, there is spilled coffee out on our freezer, I mean, in my photo studio. I gotta go clean up January.


6 responses to “Ruined already

  1. Jon – I’ve started several comments, but none seem to hit at what really want to say, and that is what a confusing thought for me to set goals to. But then, I am broken and in need of help, so maybe this is just what I needed. Thanks.

  2. Is this real? The image? Because it’s *soooooooo* perfect. It should be a poster. Truly. I love it to death.

    As for the failure, I’m never good at seeing it. I see lots of fruit on a big tree, and some doesn’t really grow to full size, some falls off and mulches back into the ground, but it all sustains a purpose.

    Do what you do. See how God’s fruits ripen on your strong branches, and remember, that even the “failures” are food for the tree.

  3. I thought the image was perfect, too. The spill looked to me like a man praying. I liked Chris’ comment, Jon, and I hope you’ll take it to heart.

  4. Hey, it’s the first and Nancy and I went walking this morning. I’m already on track for the year. Now, if I can just have some fun….

    And thanks to all three of you for your comments. Rotten fruit can be good to throw, but that is counterproductive, even when looking in the mirror.

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