What if…

What if you wanted to find out about someone, to build a picture of them?

If you know that they blog, that helps a lot. You can read through their entries, figuring out a little of their likes and dislikes, their emotional changes. Sometimes it’s easy, if they are a self-disclosing writer. Other times it’s harder, especially if their primary blogging focus is business.

Some people are really good about having lots of information in their ‘about’, others of us are pretty vague. We don’t like to get trapped by what people may think of our job or age or whatever.

At times, people write poems which can give us a sense of their emotional nuances. Other times we get lists. Sometimes there are rules for living. Other times there are stories. Sometiems there are blogs which trail off as the person starts into a new blog with new direction and passion.

Sometimes people add audio information, which allows you to know how their voice sounds, how they inflect the things that they say. Sometimes they add video which helps even more, usually. Although the video gives a view the real person, it is still a slice in time…and it only shows you what the person wants shown.

If you get emails directly, that can allow you to converse. IMing moves you into even more of a real-time interaction.

All of these are helpful, but we know that they still don’t give us everything we wish we could know. They fall short of being able to look into the person’s eyes, shake their hand, sit and watch them. However, the more kinds of writing, the more kinds of stories, the more richness of perspectives, the more we can begin to speak of knowing the person. And, the more we know, the more we want to know.

What if the person is God, and what God does is to provide a book of poetry and rules and stories and letters and histories and predictions, kind of like a person who writes on different blogs and vlogs and email with different people. What if rather than just one account of a life as complex as that of Jesus, we have four different accounts because no one person can capture the stories exactly the same. What if rather than making everything a list, just like a real person, everything isn’t a list.

What if a real person who happened to be God wrote a compendium like this, which was all collected into one volume?

What if?

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2 responses to “What if…

  1. I think this is a great observation. I get a completely different impression of who you are from reading your blog than the details I am beginning to learn indicate you really are. Mostly things like age and appearance and such. And while those things shouldn’t matter, in human interaction, they really do. There are certainly advantages (and disadvantages) to this whole internet community thing.

  2. Well said. And which is me? The appearance or the words?

    In the case of humans, we highly manage what appears through our writing, because we can manage that, we choose the words. In face-to-face, others can glean details from inflection and eye movement and gesture that add richness, and others can categorize us based on appearance. Deception may be more possible online, and yet we may be able to reveal ourselves more clearly as well.

    I’m guessing that God manages what we are able to know as well.