We had 8 or so in our tree this morning, eating late crab apples. I tried to get the camera ready, but abut that time the mail came. And when the robins started to come back, the newspaper came. There wasn’t much in the news that was as interesting as the robins, but they are gone.

Whan intrigued me so is that we will have teh same number of robins in the same tree eating the same apples in 4 months. It should be much longer between stings from fall to spring, but with the warmth, I think their commuting has been commuted.

I hope they make it to the warmth. I will look forward to seeing them again.

In between, what will change here? When they come back, what will the first 3 months of 2007 taught us? Will we be much smarter or wiser than the robins who are on a cycle of life which causes us to delight in their coming and worry in their leaving?

It’s too late for such thinking. And so, to bed.

And in the morning, no robins, only the celebration of the arrival of another who caused delight in His coming and worry in His leaving, whose breast was also marked with red and who has promised to return not at the sign of spring but to cause the end of winter. Forever.

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