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Friday night I was sitting at the media support computer for our Vacation Bible School. (That’s the computer that runs the software for the visual support-videos, lyrics, graphics-of the event.) There were about 70 kids and adults watching a skit about two kids that are traveling around the world. On this evening they were going to Kenya.

I had never read the skit, but I had some images at hand. When the actor said, “look over there at that giraffe” I just happened to have a picture of a giraffe. When he said, “This is beautiful countryside,” I had two pictures of countryside. When he said, “The important things is the people that are working on wells and helping build churches” I had pictures of people working on wells and a muddy road leading to a church.

I happened to have these pictures because Paul blogs a picture every couple days…from Kenya. I knew about Paul because he read by blog one day. He read my blog one day because someone thought he might be interested. That someone (Chris) knew about me because I read his blog and another one he writes for. I read his because of another blog on ministry productivity.

My explanation, of course, is that God is able to use social networks to accomplish cool things in helping kids understanding His work and world. Other people in the chain may not find that divine explanation but would be glad that the social network chain works.

Either way, it was a really cool Friday night in a steamy gym in Fort Wayne.

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